Comments: bees on blue flower

Stunningly beautiful God and by you! Thanks for bringing pulchritude to my day, it's a lovely way to begin it!

Posted by Kathy at July 30, 2004 01:45 AM

My untrained eyes say that shots of bees can't get any perfect than what you have here. Kudos!

Posted by jreinds at July 30, 2004 01:58 AM

you should work for national geographic or life or something....the worse thing in life is wasted talent haha (robert deniro)

Posted by :) at July 30, 2004 02:30 AM

I love this one. I tried to take a similar shot the other day with a yellow jacket and a flower. Mine didn't turn out near as good on account of my heart pounding fear of insects, and how that fear correlates with the movement of my feet, and the direction they are going, which in this case, was backwards and quite fast.

I'm a bit talkative tonight, eh? Nice shot. Well done.

Posted by Eric at July 30, 2004 02:33 AM

Excellent macro. I really like the colors.

I was wondering, is it very hard to get good DoF with the macro ring?

Posted by RainKing at July 30, 2004 04:38 AM

Well, nobody is perfect. This is a great shot though. I like that the bee on the left is out of focus because it forces the eyes to go back to the bee on the right which is in focus. There's a great article about macro photography by professor Plonsky who talks about various methods of getting good shots at:

Posted by Charles at July 30, 2004 08:18 AM

Looking at your photos, makes me realize that what we take for granted all that is beautiful. Because of you walking by that beautiful church we get to experience those things that we don't seem to have time for. Thanks for the inspiration and a great start to the morning...

Posted by THERESA at July 30, 2004 09:37 AM

i'll bet you used to pull the wings off of those things when you were young.....

Posted by chemical imbalance at July 30, 2004 10:37 AM

I took a similar bee shot last week. I think you did a much better job. I agree - the little buggers refuse to hold still long enough, adding a bit of luck to the equation.

--- Doug

Posted by Doug at July 30, 2004 10:45 AM

i love the lavender with the yellow. perfect pic. i'm loving this über-close-up thing. very nice.

Posted by maria at July 30, 2004 11:08 AM

I think the colors in this are just amazing. I really love this shot. Stunning.

Posted by Sara at July 30, 2004 12:10 PM

wow, two glorious insect photos in such a short time. I love it.

Posted by Chair at July 30, 2004 12:11 PM

Amazing stuff... Every! Freakin! Day!

Posted by casey at July 30, 2004 12:21 PM

Fantastic photo!

Posted by Danielle at July 30, 2004 01:16 PM

How much more perfect that this can you get?? I think some blurring on subjects like this is perfect as it illustrates that life was captured. A perfectly focused shot of bees would just feel like a reference image from an encyclopedia. Like it was staged.

I think this is a great shot. Better than any bee/bug shots I've been able to get. :)

Posted by Seth Thomas Rasmussen at July 30, 2004 01:23 PM

Simple Stunning Sam

Posted by photojunkie at July 30, 2004 01:38 PM

i tried to take the same photo last week here in boston. same bees, same exact flower. it wasn't, however, the same photo. very nice texture in the wings and an incredibly short dof.

Posted by kyle at July 30, 2004 02:32 PM


Posted by p23e at August 1, 2004 07:37 PM

For those interested, this flower is Echinops ritro or "Globe Thistle".

Posted by Brenn at August 2, 2004 10:45 AM

WOW! Awesome. I have been enjoying a trip through your photos instead of doing what I ought - the laundry. This is more captivating.

Posted by Suzanne at September 4, 2004 09:47 AM