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These are great! I don't think ive ever seen shots of people sledding or tobogganing. A winter classic!! Happy New Year Sam!! I know this is your last year with the blog. Best wishes to you. I will miss your daily dose of inspiration.

Posted by Kevin at December 31, 2012 10:45 AM

This is an important site for the City of Toronto – all fans of photography, urban studies, sociology, etc., etc. Toronto is not an attractive city but the creator of this site often makes this city appear much better than it actually is. Poor city planning, provincial and federal levels of government taking all the tax money we pay except 8 cents on the dollar has left this city in hard shape so I have used this site, in part, to keep trying to see the glass half full.
The photos here, while taken with great skill, are also an important record of Toronto. I hope somehow they can be incorporated into this cities library and indeed will be part of a Toronto Museum whenever that long delayed institution is finally built.
It’s understandable that Mr. Javanrouh has to devote his time to other variables in his life now. Thank you for all the creative work you put into this site. It has been a daily touchstone for folks around the world for as many reasons as there are viewers. It’s a lot of work to carry on a site like this. Perhaps, either here or on another site, this work can carry on – possibly curated by someone or group who can line up similarly inclined journalists who could submit photographs for a month at a time? This could result in a more manageable commitment for most and different points of view?
Again thanks for the work. This address is a way and fuelling station for valuable perceptions. Hope others will step up to see if it or something similar can continue.

Posted by j.james at December 31, 2012 12:41 PM
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