Comments: walkway and clouds

clean and simple is what i love about your blog.

Posted by absentees at July 28, 2009 12:33 AM

I love the clouds in this one Sam! This shot has 2 very separate feels, the houses almost form a barrier, the grass, path and clouds are welcoming and lead you away from them... don't know if that made sense... I hope so.

Posted by brad at July 28, 2009 01:02 AM

Having grown up in the burbs (Brampton), this captures an all too familiar scene. But, like so many of your photos, you've taken an everyday scene and frozen it to make others really stop and take a look. In an odd way, I do like this shot.

Posted by Jim (365,000 words) at July 28, 2009 01:31 AM

Read your interview. As always, so proud of you ...

Posted by Poopak at July 28, 2009 03:29 AM

It is look like mamatus !! Excellent picture one more time, really good blog, congratulations.

Posted by Louis at July 28, 2009 04:27 AM

Great interview Sam. Congrats on a job well done.

Posted by Richard at July 28, 2009 07:23 AM

WOW! An image with real wow factor, great sense of space, lines, nature, sky-grass, cement suberbia.

Posted by DariaS at July 28, 2009 07:27 AM

Hey Sam,

I've been visiting your site daily for about 5 years now, and I've commented once or twice way, way back, but I just thought I would let you know how much I appreciate your work on the site. I enjoy your work very much.

I was even in Spain recently (I live in Toronto), and every time I logged on in an internet cafe I made sure to catch up on ddoi.


Posted by Steve at July 28, 2009 08:56 AM

This looks like it would be a great running trail

Posted by NIcole at July 28, 2009 01:21 PM

Wow! Great shot. I really like this one. It makes me feel like I'm standing right there.

Posted by Jared at July 28, 2009 11:58 PM

Great interview Sam! And as always, nice shot! Love the cloud and the blue sky!

Posted by tommy at July 29, 2009 04:15 AM

What a good contrast between right and left sides. Strong perspective too.

Posted by David H-W at July 29, 2009 10:16 AM
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